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In August 2023, Jai requested a copy of his personal credit report from a credit reporting agency. When Jai received his credit report, he discovered an entry for an account application with a payment service provider. Jai did not recall applying for an account with the payment service provider and became concerned that a third party had used his personal information to apply for a fraudulent account.

Jai emailed the payment service provider to request access to his personal details and asked whether there was an active account associated with his details. Jai sent the payment service provider his full name, date of birth, and email address.

The payment service provider told Jai that they needed more information before they could confirm that there was an account open in Jai’s name. The payment service provider asked Jai to provide the following information associated with the account: the email address, the phone number, the bank account details, and the business name. 

Jai explained to the payment service provider that he believed the account was opened fraudulently, and that he could not provide the requested information. Jai again asked the payment service provider to send him details for any accounts that may have been opened in his name. The payment service provider again told Jai that they could not progress his request without further account information.

Jai complained to FSCL because his request had not progressed.


We asked Jai for a copy of the account application entries on his credit report. Jai sent us the relevant entries from his credit report. Jai’s credit report only showed unsuccessful applications for credit with the payment service provider. It did not show any active credit accounts with the payment service provider in Jai’s name.

We contacted the payment service provider, who told us that the details Jai had provided did not match any of their users.


We explained to Jai that as there was no entry on his credit report for an active account with the payment service provider, it was unlikely an account had been successfully opened with his details. We also told Jai that the information he had provided did not match any of the payment service provider’s active user accounts.

Jai was satisfied that a third party had not successfully used his details to open an account with the payment service provider and felt that his complaint had been resolved.

Insights for consumers

If you find entries on your credit report for services that you do not recognise, a third party may have obtained your personal information and used it to open accounts in your name. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud, it is best to contact the Police immediately to make a report.