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Participation fees

Annual fees (as of 1 July 2023)

*All fees are GST exclusive

There is an application fee of $100 for new applications. New/start-up companies are usually placed in the lowest annual fee bracket with a review undertaken after 12 months of operations

Financial Advisers engaged by licensed Financial Advice Provider

Including financial planners, mortgage brokers, insurance advisers and insurance brokers.

Annual fee
1-5 advisers$300 per adviser
Group rate or more than 5 financial advisers on membershipPlease contact our membership team


Including deposit takers and credit retailers. Not including registered banks.

Annual fee
Loan book greater than $2,000m$10,450
Loan book $500m-$2,000m$6,000
Loan book $10m-$500m$2,500
Loan book $1m-$10m$1,200
Loan book less than $1m$700

Funds Managers

Annual fee
Funds under management exceeding $2,000m$2,500
Funds under management $500m-$2,000m$1,600
Funds under management less than $500m$1,100

Transactional Service Providers

Including money forwarders, remittance operators and foreign exchange dealers, and credit or charge card and electronic money operators.

Annual fee
Transactions more than $2,000m pa$3,000
Transactions $500m-$2,000m pa$2,000
Transactions $8m-$500m pa$1,200
Transactions less than $8m pa$1,100

Securities on issue

Annual fee
Face value of securities exceeding $200m$2,200
Face value of securities $50m-$200m$1,650
Face value of securities less than $50m$1,100


Annual fee
Premium revenue exceeding $200m$4,000
Premium revenue $70m-$200m$2,500
Premium revenue less than $70m$2,000

Crowd Funders and P2P Lenders

Including equity crowd funding and peer to peer lending

Annual fee
Transactions/lending amounts exceeding $50m$3,630
Transactions/lending amounts $10m-$50m$2,200
Transactions/lending amounts $1m-$10m$1,100
Transactions/lending amounts less than $1m$700


All of the fees listed are exclusive of GST.

Annual fees are payable by 1 July each year for the year to 30 June ahead.

Fees may vary to the ones shown. If you have any questions about this, please call one of our staff on 0800 347 257.