Where’s my money?

Kaveeta was sending money to her mother in India. On 17 October she successfully sent $1000. On 21 October she attempted to send another $400. Kaveeta thought the money had gone through but on 14 November she received an email from the money transferer to say that the transaction was unsuccessful and that her account had not been debited.

Kaveeta saw $400 withdrawn from her bank account on 21 October. Kaveeta checked with her mother who said she had not received the money. Kaveeta contacted the money transferer who said that the transaction had been successful.

Kaveeta asked the money transferer why she had received an email saying the transaction had not been successful and sent the money transferer her bank statements showing the withdrawal. The money transferer insisted the transaction had been successful.

Kaveeta complained to FSCL that the money transferer had not delivered the money and asked them to reimburse the $400.



The money transferer insisted that the money had been successfully delivered.

Kaveeta referred to the email saying that the transaction on 17 October had been successful, but she had an email saying the 21 October transaction was unsuccessful, yet her bank account had been debited. Kaveeta also provided an email from her mother saying that she had not received the $400 sent on 21 October.



We asked the money transferer for their records of the transactions, including all the messages sent to Kaveeta about all the transactions. We could see that there were in fact two transactions on 21 October. One transaction was successful, and one transaction was unsuccessful. We were able to show Kaveeta the records of these transactions, including emails sent to her with two different reference numbers. The debit to Kaveeta’s bank account had the same number as the successful transaction.

We asked Kaveeta to check with her mother again about the 21 October transaction for $400.



Kaveeta said she remembered having problems making the 21 October transaction and said it was possible she had accidentally started two transactions, but that one transaction had not proceeded very far. Kaveeta thanked us for the information we had provided and said she was able to see that the second transaction had been successful. Kaveeta contacted her mother again who confirmed that she had received the money.

Kaveeta withdrew her complaint, apologising for wasting our time.


Insights for consumers

You are never wasting our time. If something happens that does not make sense to you, let us know. We will refer the complaint to the internal complaints process of that company, and most complaints are easily resolved at this point. In this case, the money transferer did not give Kaveeta the information she needed to put her mind at rest during the early assistance phase of our process. We were happy we were able to help.