How late is too late to call?

Amara said the fund manager delayed handling her withdrawal application. She wanted them to compensate her for the fall in the value of her investment while she waited for the withdrawal to be processed.

Wrong dividend information

Evelyn relied on information on her sharebroker’s website about the upcoming dividend for a company when she decided to buy shares in the company. The dividend information was wrong.

Investment complaint outside our rules

We were not able to consider Marama’s concerns about information disclosed to her when she invested or her concerns about how her investment had been managed

Investment performance disappoints  

Lara declined personalised advice and chose to invest in two managed funds. Could FSCL help when she was unhappy with the performance of her investments?

A deal too good to be fair?

Clive’s fund manager was closing down one of its investment funds, meaning Clive had to move his savings. The fund manager offered Clive reduced fees if he moved his money to another one of its funds. Clive thought this deal was anti-competitive and unfair.

Transfer not actioned

Transferring funds from one fund to another resulted in loss. Was the loss was caused by the consumer’s own mistake or by the fund manager’s error?