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Crowdfunded investments are high risk  

Hemi purchased shares in a small business. Four years later, he asked the crowdfunding provider he used to buy the shares to help him sell them. Did the crowdfunding provider have to help Hemi?

Confusion about a complex rights offer 

Mia participated in a rights offer. She thought she had applied to exercise all of the rights she purchased but only some of her rights were exercised. Mia wanted a third party to review the transactions.

“Please share your intentions for my shares with me”.

George owned some shares which were managed on his behalf by an investment adviser. The adviser sold George’s shares in two companies at what George considered was an inopportune time. Did the adviser act outside his authority?

One size fits all or a tailored fit?

You signed up with a broker and they are offering a range of sharebroking services. You chose a mid-range option providing an execution service and some general advice. What duty does your broker have to ensure the advice is right for your particular circumstances?