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Undiagnosed back pain leads to declined claim

Jess purchased a travel insurance policy just after seeing her doctor about some back pain. She did not disclose the back pain, because her doctor had said it was nothing to worry about. Later, the pain was diagnosed as a herniated disk, and Jess had to cancel her trip. Were her cancellation costs covered by her policy?

When you know something I don’t know

The insurer announced Covid-19 as a ‘known event’ but did not tell David before he purchased his travel insurance. Is the insurer obliged to accept David’s claim?

My father’s condition wasn’t pre-existing

Nisha and Mahendra do not accept their insurer’s decision to decline their claim for a cancelled trip to Australia, when Mahendra’s father falls unexpectedly seriously ill and later dies

Trip cancelled due to border closures

What happens if airlines cancel flights due to reduced demand at the time you cancel your trip, but the border closures would have meant that your trip was impossible anyway?