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Not fit for purpose

The insurer declined Sophia’s claim for prebooked accommodation costs under her ticket and baggage protection policy.

Do you understand your insurance policy?

James and Isla believed that they could claim the additional cost of new flights under their ticket and baggage insurance policy. The insurer denied their claim.

Does that exclusion clause apply to my claim?

Ella submitted a claim to her insurer after her travel packages to the Olympic Games were cancelled due to COVID-19. The insurer said that she did not have cover for her non-refundable pre-paid deposits due to an exclusion clause in her policy.

I wanted a refund, not credit

Li received a credit from her airline for cancelled flights, but she no longer wanted to travel. Could she claim the loss under her travel insurance instead?

But I disclosed my medical condition!

Jessica’s travel insurance claim was declined because she had not disclosed her treatment as an outpatient at a hospital. However, did the pre-assessment question apply to outpatient services?

Too close to home

Aria’s travel insurance claim was declined. Unbeknown to Aria, complimentary travel insurance had not been activated because her trip was less than 150 km of her home.

Pandemic travel problems

Sally’s trip to China is cancelled and her claim is declined under a ‘government interference’ exclusion clause

Symptoms not disclosed.

Claire did not disclose symptoms to her insurer. Was the insurer entitled to decline her claim for costs to see doctors to get a diagnosis?