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How do I join FSCL?

Thank you for choosing FSCL as your dispute resolution scheme. You can download an application form here. If you have any queries about membership, please email us at or call 0800 347 257.

Why join FSCL?

We aim to help scheme participants and their customers resolve complaints as quickly as possible. Resolving complaints helps to meet both parties’ needs and restore and maintain the customer relationship. In cases where this is not possible, FSCL is able to make binding formal determinations.

We provide advice and guidance to scheme participants on resolving complaints before they escalate to FSCL, or a court, through our internal complaints process manual, webinars, workshops, and in-house training. We also have a ” give us a call” service where a scheme participant can call one of our team to discuss a complaint and receive advice and tips on how to resolve it. This is a free service and has resulted in many complaints being resolved early and without having to escalate to a formal complaint.

Other benefits include:

  • Confidence in our team—FSCL’s team are experienced and professional dispute resolution experts. Our Financial Ombudsman and Chief Executive Officer can efficiently deal with disputes that require a decision.
  • Competitive fees – FSCL has a competitive fee structure and aims to keep annual fees as low as possible. As FSCL is not for profit, any operating surpluses (after retention of reserves) are applied to reduce participants’ fees in future years.
  • Early settlement where possible—We resolve complaints early using negotiation and conciliation to promote agreeable and timely outcomes.
  • Preventing complaints from becoming disputes—You will receive the FSCL internal complaints process manual and access to support in establishing internal processes and skills training.
  • Your customers will have access to FSCL—You will be able to promote your FSCL scheme membership as a service to customers. Your customers will have access to the FSCL scheme in the event that you are unable to resolve a complaint.
  • Meet FSP Act compliance—Participation in the scheme ensures you comply with the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.
  • Education – We send regular newsletters setting out issues relevant to the industry, and publish case notes on most cases investigated to share the lessons learned from the complaints investigated. We also hold regular regional workshops on complaint handling.

Professional development and support

  • Regular communication —We send regular newsletters about issues relevant to the industry and publish case notes on most cases investigated to share the lessons learned from the complaints investigated. We also hold a biennial conference.
  • Webinars— Every month one of our case managers will talk through a recent complaint, what happened, why it happened and share their insights into what can be learnt. We also invite guest speakers from the industry, including the regulators, to discuss what is happening in terms of legislation and other issues affecting the industry.
  • We value your feedback—We want to make sure we are meeting your needs and undertake a survey biennially to make sure we are supporting you, as best we can.
  • Member resource library— We are currently building a resource library, with helpful quick links and information you may need. From developing your own internal complaints process, to a list of our previous webinars, it will be a one-stop shop for any resources you may need.

You can find more information on our fees here.
You can find information on our Terms of Participation here