Gold does not always glisten

A toothless claim 

Julius used his gold credit card to buy an airline ticket to Australia.  He was not sure of his return date so bought a one way ticket only.  While in Australia he used another gold card to buy a one way ticket back to New Zealand.  During the flight to Auckland, Julius left his partial denture in the washroom on the aircraft and did not notice the loss until he had left the flight.  Julius’ enquiries to the airline were unsuccessful.  The replacement cost of the denture was $2000. 


The claim 

Julius contacted the insurance company, Credit Card Insurance claiming for the cost of the lost denture.  The claim was declined. 


Credit Card Insurance’s position 

Julius’s first claim was declined because the terms of the credit card policy state that cover is only available when return travel is purchased using the gold credit card.  Julius had bought a one way ticket.  Julius then realised that he had lost the denture on his flight back to New Zealand and had purchased the ticket using a different credit card.  

Julius then made a second claim under the other credit card’s insurance policy.  Credit Card Insurance declined cover again because credit card travel insurance only provides cover for travel purchased by credit card in New Zealand. Julius had bought and paid for his return flight while in Australia. 


FSCL’s involvement 

Once we had considered the credit card insurance terms and conditions, we explained to Julius that he was not covered under the policy and he withdrew his claim.        


Important note 

All insurance policies contain exclusions. It is very important for consumers to carefully read policies at the time of purchase to ensure that they are fully covered for their travel and personal circumstances.