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Insurance company revisits declined claim

Paula sadly died from a heart attack after she was involved in a car accident. Her insurer declined an accidental death claim because it consider the cause of Paula’s death was not a direct result of any accidental injuries.

It’s all broke: After Tony breaks his back he discovers he doesn’t have the the accident policy he thought he did!

In September 2013, Tony broke his back in an accident and had to have surgery. He thought he had an accident policy in place with Sorted Insurance at this time. However, Sorted Insurance said Tony only had sickness policies in place and Tony did not have any cover for his surgery. Tony thought he was misled into buying the sickness policies and wanted a refund of his premiums. Tony also wanted to be covered under the accident policy he thought he had.

Insurance benefit falls on deaf ears

Todd experienced permanent and irreversible hearing loss after attending a loud concert. He made an insurance claim under his accident insurance policy for his hearing loss. Was he covered?