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Out of alignment

Ishan purchased business insurance after he had already begun trading. Would he be covered for faulty wheel alignments performed before inception of the insurance?

Was it ‘resultant damage’?

Bob of Bob’s Builders submitted a claim to his insurer for the cost of replacing some cladding that was damaged by a paint-stripping company who worked on an apartment block Bob’s team was constructing. The insurer declined Bob’s claim because the damage was due to faulty workmanship – was this decision correct?

Gap in insurance cover

When Marie’s insurer did not renew her policy she was left uninsured for claims arising from events occurring while the policy was in place.

I didn’t know you needed to know!

Mirae didn’t declare her previous convictions when taking out insurance. When she needed to make a claim, it was declined, and her policy voided.

Credit card confusion

A misunderstanding about the meaning of the word ‘credit’ led to confusion about a debt owed

Am I in a credit arrangement?

James was a victim of fraud, but his insurer relies on a questionable exclusion clause to decline the claim. Does the exclusion apply?