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Not quite tight

The insurer applied a policy exclusion to decline Izzy’s insurance claim for damage to an excavator. Izzy said she never would have used the excavator if she had thought it might fail.

My insurer, my broker, and me

Huang was unhappy that his insurance broker did not tell him that his premiums were going to increase until after his policies had renewed.

Sorry, I think there’s been a misunderstanding.

Denise submitted a claim to her insurer after a burglary. The insurer grew suspicious after receiving a number of invoices from Denise’s broker, so they declined Denise’s claim. Denise had an explanation for what happened – was she telling the truth?

Reasonable care of car

Was it reasonable for Leilani’s insurer to decline her claim after she left her vehicle, unlocked with the windows down, and the keys in the ignition?

Insurance policy confusion

Kaia’s business insurance claims were declined by her insurer. Were the claims being declined the adviser’s fault?

What do you mean $10,000 limit?!

Mark had a business insurance policy (material damage) recommended by his broker. Mark needed to make a costly claim of $110,000, but his policy didn’t cover the full amount of damage due to a policy limit of $10,000 for equipment damaged off-site – even though Mark had a total sum insured of $150,000. Did Mark’s broker make a mistake?