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What happens if the insurer’s standards of restoration are not ‘up to scratch?’

Jenny owned and rented out an apartment in Auckland. Jenny’s tenant was found dead five weeks after she died. The delay in discovery of the body caused extensive issues with the liveability of the apartment. A considerable amount of work was necessary to restore the apartment to a liveable condition. What was the appropriate amount and standard of work in order to restore the property to its original state?

One man’s variation is another man’s vandalism

Extensive renovations and alterations were done to June and Darren’s rental property by their tenant without their knowledge and consent. After their tenant disappeared, June and Darren claimed on their insurance that the property had been damaged. The insurance company declines June and Darren’s claim because it says the property has not been modified, not damaged. Can the insurer decline June and Darren’s claim to restore and repair the property?