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A matter of trust

The wealth management company deducted withholding tax from a dividend paid to Mason’s trust.

Getting all the facts before giving advice

Jeannie was $160,000 short when she needed to settle her house purchase, after following advice to put all her money in a growth fund during a time of market volatility. Did she get suitable advice from her adviser?

But I got a better offer!

Joe had been working with a mortgage adviser for over a year when he received a loan offer from a bank directly. Joe accepted the bank’s offer because it was higher than any offer his adviser had obtained, but the adviser then charged Joe a $2,500 fee – was this fair?

Do I really need to pay this clawback fee?

After buying a second property and refinancing her home loan, Laura was shocked to receive a $2500 invoice from her old mortgage adviser. Even though Laura had broken the terms of her loan agreement, did she really have to pay up?

Debt management company makes debt even worse

Kauri paid a company nearly $1,800 to manage his debts by making repayments to his creditors on his behalf. After 6 weeks, Kauri noticed the company wasn’t paying his creditors.