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Advice not suitable

The financial adviser did not tell Finn that he had not resumed his contributions to his investment portfolio.

EA+ in action

We worked with a participant and consumer to find a quick resolution.

A matter of trust

The wealth management company deducted withholding tax from a dividend paid to Mason’s trust.

Getting all the facts before giving advice

Jeannie was $160,000 short when she needed to settle her house purchase, after following advice to put all her money in a growth fund during a time of market volatility. Did she get suitable advice from her adviser?

But I got a better offer!

Joe had been working with a mortgage adviser for over a year when he received a loan offer from a bank directly. Joe accepted the bank’s offer because it was higher than any offer his adviser had obtained, but the adviser then charged Joe a $2,500 fee – was this fair?

Do I really need to pay this clawback fee?

After buying a second property and refinancing her home loan, Laura was shocked to receive a $2500 invoice from her old mortgage adviser. Even though Laura had broken the terms of her loan agreement, did she really have to pay up?