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You are not the client

What happens if you have not received a financial service from the financial service provider you are complaining about? Can FSCL help?

Promises, promises

For months a financial adviser led clients to believe he was arranging finance when he had done nothing, leaving them stressed and disappointed.

Underinsured when a cyclone struck

Hamish ignored correspondence from his insurance broker about updating his insurance cover, leaving him underinsured when a cyclone struck.

Landslide loophole

A landslip caused damage to land, but not damage to property, and was not covered by insurance.

Help me help you

Leo was unhappy with his insurance policy but did not communicate with his insurance broker.

Communication breakdown

Pei-Ling made a claim to her insurer after her apartment was damaged by a water leak. The insurer’s assessor found some hidden gradual damage also, but Pei-Ling didn’t think this was accurate. The relationship broke down due to the disagreement, so Pei-Ling was unaware the insurer had recently offered to settle her claim in full.