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To catch a fraudster

Julian’s partner had stolen $50,000 from his KiwiSaver, by forging a series of small withdrawal applications. Should Julian’s KiwiSaver provider have caught the fraud?

Outside the box

What happens when your application to withdraw funds from your KiwiSaver on the grounds of significant financial hardship does not meet the usual criteria?

But that’s my money!

Jodie became unwell and could not work. She applied to withdraw money from her KiwiSaver but was told she did not have a serious illness that stopped her from working permanently. Is Jodie entitled to withdraw from her KiwiSaver to pay off her debt?

KiwiSaver – opting in and opting out

Wang lei signed up to a KiwiSaver scheme with the intention of only making voluntary contributions due to his employment contractual arrangement. However, he later found out that he was not eligible for employer contributions to his account. Could Wang lei close his KiwiSaver account?

Life is inconvenient

Inconvenience caused during a significant financial hardship application within the tolerance expected for everyday life.