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Broking problems or a family dispute?

Ariki asked a mortgage adviser to help his family get a loan to purchase his father’s property. Things fell apart when Ariki and his sister couldn’t agree on what to do with the property once they got the loan – but was the adviser to blame?

Confusion reigns

What happens when your mortgage broker gets it wrong, and does not correctly advise the bank about how you would like to structure your lending?

A speedy settlement

Two hours before Margaret was due to resettle her mortgage, she received a call from her financial adviser. The adviser told her she was going to be charged a $1,000 ‘clawback’ fee if she went ahead with the new mortgage. Should the adviser have told Margaret about the fee earlier?

Fee fracas

Should Dipak have to pay the mortgage broker’s fee, when he didn’t draw down the loan?

Fixed term locks-in homeowner’s anger

Anna and Tony believed their mortgage broker had not followed their instruction to fix their interest rate for two years. Instead their interest rate had been fixed for four years. Anna and Tony were unhappy as their bank’s floating rate had now fallen below their fixed interest rate. Anna and Tony made a complaint but was their sufficient evidence to show the mortgage broker had not followed their instructions?