To the limit

Chris’s dog Scout went to a specialist surgeon to repair damage to one of his legs. Chris’s pet insurance policy had a $2,000 limit for specialist treatment, and a $7,000 limit for treatment of injuries. Which limit applied?

Old dog, new claim

Aaron’s pet insurance policy excluded any claims related to the arthritis in his dog’s right front foot. When the dog fell and injured his elbow, the insurer declined Aaron’s claim, saying the injury was related to the arthritis. Had the insurer correctly declined Aaron’s claim?

Tummy troubles

Samantha’s kitten was unwell, but insurance policy excluded cover for gastro-intestinal disorders. Would the kitten be covered?

Herbie’s astronomical gastric issues

After a declined pet insurance claim, FSCL investigates whether Herbie has the same clinical signs as he did when his owner first took out insurance.

Unrelated illness and injury but same clinical sign

Ligaya’s dog, Dusty, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Ligaya submitted a claim to her pet insurance company for the cost of Dusty’s treatment. However, the insurance company declined the claim as it considered its 21 day stand down period exclusion clause applied. Dusty had previously received treatment for a sore hip within this 21 day stand period, and the insurance company thought this was a sign of the autoimmune disease. Was the insurance company right?

A dog’s breakfast of a claim

Jarred’s two dogs, for whom he had taken out insurance, suffered a number of illnesses, before and after policy inception. When Jarred went to make a claim, the insurer declined his claim on the basis of an exclusion. Jarred said the illness his dog had suffered prior to policy inception didn’t directly relate to the treatment he sought cover for.

Poorly dog results in a costly bill

Simon’s dog fell ill and needed treatment. Simon submitted a claim for the veterinarian costs to his pet insurance company. However, the pet insurance company declined his claim because the illness had occurred within the policy’s 21 day stand down period.

Eye of the Tiger

Insurance claim declined due to non-disclosure, but how much did the insured know at the time he applied for insurance?

Lapdog’s insurance lapses due to unpaid premium

Julie took out pet insurance for her dog Pixie. She received a letter to warn her that Pixie’s insurance policy was coming up for renewal. However, Julie misread the letter and thought the premium would be automatically charged to her credit card. The premium went unpaid and Pixie’s policy lapsed. Julie wanted the insurance policy reinstated.