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Was it one, or one hundred claims?

Feodor’s company had to recall and repair close to a hundred windscreens due to poor workmanship. Feodor claimed for the costs from his insurance. Feodor’s insurer treated each repair as a separate occurrence. This had the effect of making each claim less than the policy’s excess, leaving Feodor out of pocket.

What to do when you are sued?

Seth was sued for damages by his employer, for whom he contracted. Seth’s insurer agreed to pay any damages Seth was found liable for. Seth settled the dispute out of court with his employer without asking his insurer. Is the insurer still bound to pay Seth?

Drain disaster

Company A knew that it had to take steps to prevent concrete getting into holes in underground pipes. The question is whether it took ‘all reasonable precautions’, as required by its insurance policy?

Pipe Dreams

The Pipe Company damaged a client’s pipes while it was performing a job. It repaired the damage, and but its insurer refused to pay any profit or overhead margin for the repairs. Was this fair?