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UK pension transfer confusion  

Jasmine transferred her UK pension to a fund manager in New Zealand. She complained about the information the fund manager gave her about her rights, under UK pension rules, to withdraw her investment.

Business income or benefit?

Samantha falls into financial hardship, but her early KiwiSaver withdrawal application is declined because she was eligible for a benefit instead, and wanted to use the KiwiSaver funds to work on her business.

Inadequate fee disclosure leads to $5,300 settlement

Grace signed up for a life insurance policy provided by their workplace savings scheme. In 2019, Grace’s premiums increased by 25%, and the scheme manager changed their fee structure. Grace did not think the premiums increase was justified, and they did not think the change in fees had been properly disclosed. What could FSCL do?

Dude, where’s my money?

Graham became ill and encountered some financial strive. He wanted to access his superannuation funds to relieve his debt. But he was not allowed to withdraw all of his money. Graham then laid a complaint with FSCL.

Til death (or retirement) do us part

Ryan remarried, and went to enter his new wife’s details on his superannuation scheme. Ryan was told he could not add his wife to the scheme, since he had already retired. Was the superannuation scheme provider acting reasonably?