Timeshare troubles

Sandra and Alan separated shortly after buying into a timeshare. Can they withdraw from the investment and receive their deposit back?

Timeshare troubles

While on holiday, Mike and Liz joined a timeshare without realising they were locked in for 30 years and borrowing $20,000 to pay for the membership. Is there any possibility of cancelling the membership and loan agreement?

Elusive Club Benefits: Benefits of club membership more elusive than exclusive?

After Elliott and Samantha joined a vacation club they discovered that the club’s properties could be rented to the public. Elliott and Samantha believed that the vacation club should have told them at the time they joined that club properties could be rented to the public. Elliott and Samantha sought to cancel their membership.

Vacating a vacation contract

You receive an invitation to a holiday club open evening and attend for a chance at some freebies. Once there, you listen to a polished marketing spiel, and sign up to a lifetime membership. When the fervour is over, can you cancel the contract?

Whatever floats your boat

When joining a timeshare vacation club customers get 5 two-for-one cruise certificates. FSCL decides it is unreasonable for a club customer to expect to be able to use the certificates in 10 years’ time.

Timing is everything

A timeshare complaint about an alleged misrepresentation of the benefits of membership is resolved by way of conciliation.

A timeshare purchase is for life

Can you cancel the purchase of a timeshare because the benefits fall short? What happens if you cannot afford to pay for your purchase?