A strict definition of total permanent disablement

Bopha fell from a stationary ambulance and suffered an injury which left her unable to work as a paramedic. She had $100,000 cover for total, permanent disablement, but her insurer told her that her injury did not amount to total disablement, and that she was only entitled to $5,000. Could this be right?

Fancy another policy Nancy?

Nancy paid $122,000 in premiums over 14 years for her and her 4 family members. Nancy complains to FSCL that her family has been oversold policies by her insurer.

Levels of disability

Ben’s claim for a total disability benefit under his insurance is declined due to him not reaching the threshold of “totally disabled”.

High threshold for Total Disability Insurance

Douglas suffered significant damage to his spine. He made a claim under his Total Permanent Disability insurance policy. Douglas’s insurance company denied his claim because his injuries fell outside of the policy’s scope.