Double life insurance

Robert took out new life insurance in 2012, but his previous policy was not cancelled. When this issue was discovered ten years later, was the company who had bought his adviser’s client book liable?

Insurance policies cancelled

Jeremy did not remember cancelling his insurance policies, but was able to see that it was reasonable for his insurer to think that was his intention

Call me maybe?

Caitlyn and her insurance adviser had arranged an insurance policy for Caitlyn, and all that was left to do was sign the contract. However, Caitlyn and the insurer never met to sign the contract, so when she had a heart attack a few months later, she did not have any cover. Should the adviser have done more to finalise the contract?

Biting off more than one can chew

Pam wanted her travel insurance to pay for her husband’s dental treatment overseas. The insurer declined to pay costs that did not relate to emergency dental treatment. Pam complained this was unfair as the dental costs arose as a result of her husband’s tooth injury.

A hard lump to swallow

After Lionel’s trauma insurance claim is declined and then accepted, he complains to FSCL about his insurance adviser

‘Have you heard the one about high value items?’

Thomas lost his hearing aids while holidaying in Hawaii. His claim for $9000 was accepted by his travel insurer, but a sub-limit for ‘electronic equipment’ meant he only received $2000 in settlement of his claim. The insurer said that if Thomas had wanted to insure his hearing aids for their full value, he should have specified them in the policy. Thomas said he didn’t know he had to specify hearing aids and he disputed that hearing aids were electronic equipment. Is the insurer right?