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Where are my payments? 

Charlotte contacted her lender when she noticed repayments she had made to them were missing from her card account. The lender found the payments in another customer’s account and transferred them to Charlotte’s account. Charlotte was not satisfied with how the lender handled the matter, and she believed they had acted fraudulently.

Loan affordability assessment

A lender used a lump sum amount for living costs in their affordability calculation that did not correspond with data available from Statistics New Zealand

Was I given credit irresponsibly?

In 2010 Tricia was given credit by a mobile trader. Does the mobile trader still have to comply with responsible lending obligations which came into effect in 2015?

Repayments to pay, but nowhere to stay

George and Lorraine borrowed $28,000 to join a vacation club. Their membership included vacation credits they were supposed to be able to use to book accommodation. Despite repeated attempts to make a booking they were unable to secure accommodation.

Damaged goods

Who is responsible when goods bought on layby are damaged?

Repossession and recovery.

When Julie’s car is suddenly repossessed, she complains the lender calculated the arrears on her loan account incorrectly.

Old credit card debt spirals due to compound interest

Nikau had a credit card that he thought he had paid off. However, the card was never fully paid, and the balance escalated due to compound interest before the debt was sold for debt collection. When the debt collector contacted Nikau, he disputed the debt because he did not know where it came from.