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Unaffordable co-borrowing

The lender assessed the borrowers’ affordability as co-borrowers when in reality they were a borrower and a guarantor

That’s not my debt!

Henare was thinking about taking out a mortgage, so he requested a copy of his credit file. He noticed several loans and applications on his credit file that he didn’t recognise. Henare realised he had been the victim of identity theft, but he had a hard time dealing with the debt collectors.

Repayment holiday remorse

Wendy’s lender approved a loan repayment holiday during New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown because Wendy’s income was reduced by 50%. Six months later, Wendy noticed that the holiday meant her loan had accrued more interest than it would have without the holiday. Wendy asked her lender to revert her payment schedule back to the original version. Did the lender agree?

Was I given credit irresponsibly?

Unauthorised transactions went undetected because Shyla did not check her account statements. The lender agreed to credit some, but not all, of the transactions.

Fraud on a vulnerable consumer’s account – who’s to blame?

Aesha is a vulnerable consumer who had money fraudulently taken from her account. Aesha’s caregiver took her money, but we found that her credit union were partially responsible for allowing the transactions to proceed – so we asked them to reimburse some of the funds.