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Missing money

When money went missing Ken’s lender failed to communicate complicating what was a relatively simple issue.

Why can’t you verify my income?

Awa applied for a credit card with the lender. The lender would not accept the documents Awa provided to verify his income. The lender did not refer Awa to their internal complaints process when he asked.

Credit report communication

Sophia did not know that she had incurred $20 debt with a BNPL provider due to fees until she became aware of an adverse credit listing. Had the BNPL provider done anything wrong?

Online scam

Harry sent money overseas to pay for tools purchased online. Unfortunately, the transaction was a scam. Was the money transfer service responsible for Harry’s loss?

The scam was not my fault!

Wayne’s online business signed up to a card issuer’s service. When fraudsters used stolen credit card details to purchase from his business, was Wayne responsible for the cost of the chargebacks?

4-digit catastrophe

When Daniel wrote his PIN on the back of his credit card, he thought it would be a good way to remember. The thief who took the card thought so too.