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4-digit catastrophe

When Daniel wrote his PIN on the back of his credit card, he thought it would be a good way to remember. The thief who took the card thought so too.

Help! I’ve been scammed – will you refund me?

Ferdinand used his credit card to purchase bitcoin for some online investment opportunities. Sadly, he was scammed and lost the bitcoin. Did his card provider have a duty to refund him when things went wrong?

Guitar salesman strung out to dry

A customer of Robbie’s told their bank he never received the expensive guitar and requested a chargeback. Robbie delivered the guitar personally. Did Robbie’s payment processing company do enough to protect him from fraud?

Card cancelling problems

Misha told her credit card provider to cancel her card, but the provider kept accepting transactions keeping the account open.

What happens when hardship relief ends?

Tony could no longer afford the minimum payments on his credit card, although the lender provided some hardship relief, Tony complained when the hardship relief period ended

Borrower unable to get an account statement.

A debt collection agency would not give Benjamin an account statement showing payments they had received from him. Was the lender responsible for getting a statement for Benjamin from the collection agency?

Credit card confusion

A misunderstanding about the meaning of the word ‘credit’ led to confusion about a debt owed