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A reversed refund

A credit card provider accepted Rachel’s chargeback request after she discovered the cruise company she purchased a cruise from was in financial strife. The credit card provider then reversed the chargeback with no warning.

Historic credit card debt written off

An elderly customer had been paying off the minimum balance due for six years without realising she was not making any progress towards repaying the debt. Is this fair?

No refund for tour cancelled due to COVID-19

Sfiso had paid a tour company a $20,000 deposit for a luxury tour of Europe. The tour was postponed due to COVID-19, and Sfiso wanted a full refund. Could Sfiso apply to his credit card provider to have the deposit payment reversed?

Stolen credit card problems

A credit card provider cannot cancel the card afterhours after being advised it has been stolen, then goes on to cause some inconvenience when reissuing the card.

Trading troubles

A trading platform begins behaving suspiciously, but is any loss the credit card provider’s fault?

Disputed credit card transaction

A disputed credit card transaction is redebited to the customer’s account because the customer did not understand she needed to provide additional information.

Was it open or not?

Ravi is seeking a refund from his credit card company for goods purchased overseas that had already been opened and that gave him a reaction.

Don’t make me wait – you’re one day late!

Roger’s credit card company took one working day longer than it should have to refund some money. It also got the timeframe wrong when Roger phoned. But does that warrant compensation?