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Low-risk investment loses money

Market volatility causes a managed fund investment to lose money – should the trustee company have acted to limit the loss?

Fees and delays for estate administration

Nathaniel was charged substantially more than he expected for the administration of his father’s simple estate, despite delays caused by the trustee service. Was this fair?

Incorrect fee applied to estate administration

David’s late mother’s estate was administered by a trustee company. Upon uncovering a letter written by his late mother, concern was raised about the sliding scale of fees the trustee company was applying. David’s subsequent complaint led to the trustee company reviewing their fee and honouring the original fees contract.

One complaint down; one to go

Grace was unhappy with a trustee company’s delays managing her mother’s estate, and their excessive fees. The trustee company agreed to write off $12,000 of fees, and the complaint was settled. But less than a year later, when the estate was finalised, Grace was surprised to receive a new $6,000 invoice.

Video call resolution

What happens if you are having real problems communicating, and you need the help of people who live in different cities?

Great Expectations (followed by Hard Times)

Judy told Kath that she would be receiving over $1 million from the sale of some shares. But then Judy found out the shares were only worth around $24,000. She didn’t tell Kath. Should Kath have to pay Judy’s fees?