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Methamphetamine cover – up in smoke!

Jenny’s tenants used methamphetamine in her rental property, which caused contamination. Jenny had the property decontaminated, but when she made a claim, she was told her policy didn’t cover contamination caused by personal ‘use’ alone.

Do I smell meth?

When meth was found in Stephen’s rental property, he thought he was covered for the clean-up. It turned out he wasn’t. To what lengths do advisers have to go to explain changes to an insurance policy?

I left it right here – and now it’s gone!

Diya left her phone on a camping chair when she went for a swim in the river. When she got back, her phone was missing. She made a claim for the theft of her phone, but her claim was declined.

No cover for Covid-19

What happens if your insurance broker says you have cover for Covid-19, but you don’t?

Pollen theft leads to partially declined claim

Bob’s insurance cover had been reduced following some ambiguous instructions. Later, Bob lost $30,000 of pollen and his insurance claim was partially declined. Was Bob’s insurance adviser responsible?

“Did you ‘go into bat’ for me?”

Andrew was contracted to print a company’s logo for 20,000 high-end clay products. The ink supplied to Andrew expired and the printing process failed. Andrew claimed on his insurance but was declined. Andrew felt his adviser had let him down by not placing a ‘property worked on’ clause in his liability policy. Was the adviser responsible for his loss?

Diagnosis during delay

An insurance adviser delayed informing his client that he couldn’t find an insurer willing to provide life insurance cover for her. During that time, the client was diagnosed with cancer.