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Compensation for a lapsed policy

Róisín did not have contents insurance in place due to an error by her adviser. The adviser offered to compensate her for the present value of the electric bicycle that had been stolen, but Róisín wanted compensation for the cost of replacing the bicycle.

Gap in consumer protection

When Chan claimed against an insurance policy, he discovered that the insurer was not a member of a dispute resolution service.

Insurance not placed

Sione’s insurance broker did not notice Sione’s home insurance was not placed after a delayed settlement date due to Covid-19

Someone must be responsible

Alice had life and health insurance through her employer. When she found out the premium was increasing, she cancelled her policy. She complained her adviser hadn’t communicated about the changes to her policy early enough.

There was better cover available!  

Rawiri couldn’t claim for methamphetamine contamination at his rental property. His insurance policy covered methamphetamine contamination, but the contamination at his property didn’t meet the testing threshold for cover – which was higher than in some alternative policies available. Rawiri had previously mentioned to his broker that he was concerned about methamphetamine damage, so he was unhappy that the broker had recommended this policy.

Methamphetamine cover – up in smoke!

Jenny’s tenants used methamphetamine in her rental property, which caused contamination. Jenny had the property decontaminated, but when she made a claim, she was told her policy didn’t cover contamination caused by personal ‘use’ alone.