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Problems calculating the excess

Pradeep’s items were likely stolen on multiple occasions, making calculating the excess impossible. The insurer agreed to take a ‘fair and reasonable’ approach to conclude the claim.

Motor vehicle policy cancelled because of broker’s error

Jin’s motor vehicle policy was cancelled because her insurance broker did not pay the premium to the insurer. The policy was reinstated but Jin was inconvenienced by the delays with her claim being accepted. What was a fair amount of compensation for non-financial loss?

Broker not liable for client’s loss

The business insurer declined a claim for privately owned motorbikes which had been stored at a business’s workshop. Did the insurance broker know about the motorbikes, and were they responsible for the absence of cover?

Risk of travelling with high value items

Jessica damaged her bracelet while on holiday. When she made a claim for the damage, she found out the full cost of the repair was not covered by her travel insurance policy.

Nowhere to hide for hidden costs

Tony and Liz were distressed to discover that what they had thought were just insurance premiums sometimes included big fees for their insurance broker. But must the broker pay them back?

Communication breakdown

How far should a broker go to make sure that you know your insurance premium has not been paid, jeopardising your cover?