Fungi Fiasco

A shipment of a product Yann ordered was quarantined and destroyed. When Yann tried to claim on his insurance for the loss of income and loss of the product, he discovered he was not covered. Was that the result of his broker’s negligent advice?

The perfect storm

A large cyclone caused leaks in Carlos’s new home. The insurer said the leaks were not because of the cyclone but due to wear and tear, and poor construction. Can Carlos claim the costs of damage from his insurer?

The stock loss shock

Tom’s jewellery shop was burgled twice within three days, and $101,200 worth of stock stolen. Tom was shocked when his insurer only paid him $52,500, being his insurance policy’s limit for stock not stored in a safe/in window displays after hours. Tom’s insurance policy schedule never showed the limit. Did Tom’s insurance broker cause his loss?

Falling between the cracks

What happens when two brokers are involved, one made the mistake but the other broker renewed an insurance policy without checking the policy was appropriate for the client’s needs

Open to the elements

Should the brokers pay when it was the house moving firm that caused the damage?

Broker’s broken promise?

Did Linda’s insurance broker provide enough support, either in getting the right insurance or in being there for Linda after she had made a claim?

A stag-nated insurance policy

Greg and Leah didn’t receive the letter their insurance broker sent, notifying them that insurance for their stag was due to lapse. Should the insurance broker have done more to ensure the stag remained insured?

“You said I’d have cover and I don’t!”

Jim owned a car yard. When a leak occurred on his premises in 2012, Jim contacted his insurance broker who said Jim would probably be covered because of the ‘gradual damage’ cover in his policy. When Jim’s insurance claim was later declined, Jim complained that his broker had misrepresented that he would have cover.

“I just want my complaint resolved! I don’t care who resolves it”

Holly switched motor vehicle insurers at her broker’s insistence. She made it clear that she wanted to continue ‘agreed pay out’ insurance with her new insurer. When Holly crashed her car, she found she only had ‘market value cover.’ Does Holly have recourse against the broker for this error?

“The drones that drowned”

Within a short period of time two drones of Sean’s crashed, but they were uninsured. Sean thought his broker had placed cover for the drones. Was Sean’s broker responsible for this?