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But I disclosed my medical history!

Haoyu believed that he had told his adviser about his medical history and scheduled gastroscopies. However, when he tried to claim for the gastroscopy, he was told that his claim was declined.

Why did I change insurance policies?

Thomas and Tracy were advised to take out alternative insurance policies by an adviser. The policies were less suited for them than their existing insurance. Was the company that contracted the adviser responsible for the complaint?

Overpayment of life and health cover

When Amber forgot to change her membership status she paid for cover that she could never have claimed under. Should Amber be reimbursed for this unnecessary cost?

Insurance policies cancelled

Jeremy did not remember cancelling his insurance policies, but was able to see that it was reasonable for his insurer to think that was his intention

Replacement insurance – was best practice followed?

Jane’s financial adviser recommended that she move her life and mortgage protection insurance company to a new insurance company. Jane did not disclose a pre-existing medical condition and a claim under her mortgage protection insurance was later declined. The adviser’s process was flawed but did not cause a direct financial loss. The adviser paid compensation for inconvenience.

ACC cover but no insurance

When Kate suffers a back injury, she is surprised to find her income protection insurance doesn’t kick in for 13 weeks since the accident. To make matters worse, her insurance claim is then declined for non-disclosure of medical conditions. Was any of this her adviser’s fault?