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An insurance policy switch

In January 2014 Elizabeth moves her life, trauma, and income protection policies to another insurer, on her adviser’s recommendation. The new insurer then cancels Elizabeth’s policies for non-disclosure.

Alleged $100,000 loss for incorrect premium estimate

Farooq reduced his wife’s life insurance cover by $100,000, based on an inaccurate premium estimate provided by his insurance adviser. As a result, Farooq received $100,000 less when his wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Had the adviser caused Farooq to suffer a $100,000 loss?

Change, not necessarily for the better

What happens if your financial adviser recommends a change to your insurance without explaining the extent of the policy or the risks associated with the change?

What’s my cover?

Nikki and Mark thought they did not have trauma cover and followed their adviser’s advice to replace their existing cover with a new policy including trauma cover. After discovering their original policy did provide trauma cover, they complain about the advice they received.

If in doubt – disclose, disclose, disclose!

Shane sees an insurance adviser to review his insurance policies. Shane and the adviser do not disclose Shane’s high cholesterol and high blood sugar on an application for replacement cover with a new insurance company. The new insurer then loads Shane’s premium and Shane complains his adviser wrongfully advised him not to disclose his pre-existing medical conditions on the application form.

The consequences of incorrect advice

Adviser incorrectly advised customer insurer would refund premium loadings influencing customer’s decision to keep policy causing customer direct loss and financial hardship.

The perils of the post

Iain wants his benefits under a group insurance policy held by his employer for the benefit of employees to continue when his employment ends. Unfortunately the insurance broker does not receive Iain’s notice and he loses his cover.