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Going around in circles

Elise entered the wrong bank account details when trying to transfer money and incurred unexpected fees.

Eventful transaction difficulties

A transaction provider refused to release money until they had received information to satisfy their anti-money laundering and countering financial terrorism obligations.

Are you who you say you are?

Jai found an application for credit with a payment service provider on his credit report. Jai did not remember applying for credit with the payment service provider.

Confidential phone notes

Megan entered the wrong account number when using a money transfer service. Did the service need to compensate her for financial or non-financial loss

Refund delayed

Kevin had problems contacting a money transfer service to have undelivered funds returned to him.

Money transfer in limbo   

Tama sent money to a friend overseas. The transfer was put on hold because Tama’s friend had not completed a verification process. Tama wanted the money refunded to him.