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Just give me one more month to pay?

Lincoln’s home loan was due to expire, and he needed to find a new lender/mortgagee to refinance the balance. For almost a year, Lincoln kept promising his lender the refinance was about to happen. Eventually, Lincoln’s lender commenced the mortgagee sale process because the balance remained unpaid.

Mortgagee Mistakes

Did the mistakes in a Property Law Act notice change the course of history? If the notice had been correct, could Lee and Brian have kept their house?

Lending outside the law?

Lending to a family trust is not covered by the responsible lending obligations of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.

No draw down

Farid’s broker presented him with a loan offer, and Farid didn’t draw down the loan. Farid disputed paying the broker’s $3,000 fee.

Interested in interest?

What happens when the loan agreement does not reflect what you told your financial adviser you wanted?

The fees of our fathers

Leighton’s father passed away after taking out a mortgage. The lender charged over $15,000 in mortgagee sales fees to the estate, even though the sale didn’t go ahead. Was the lender entitled to charge $15,000 in fees?

Lawless loans?

Why were Wiremu’s parents paying higher interest rates to a third-tier lender than others were being offered?