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Communication goes both ways

Mason faced various issues when placing insurance for three separate vehicles. Was the adviser liable for any financial or non-financial loss?

Misunderstanding about loan repayments

Tracy understood the loan repayments were $155 fortnightly rather than weekly, but the lender would not allow her to return the car and cancel the contract.

Supply chain issues and betterment

When a replacement window cannot be sourced, the cost to replace it increases significantly within six months’ time. What does the insurer need to pay?

My car may be a write-off, but my bills aren’t

When Lucia’s car got flooded, she contacted her insurer straight away. However, as she failed to fill in the right forms, she ended up paying for repairs that the insurer wasn’t willing to pay for.

Lender misrepresents settlement agreement

A lender agreed they made a mistake when assessing loan affordability and offered to settle the complaint. But what happens if the lender also makes a mistake when explaining the settlement offer?

Consequential loss not covered

Mohammed wanted to claim for consequential loss when a leased vehicle was out of action when it was damaged. Was this covered by his business insurance?

We cannot investigate because it is not your loan

Tim purchased a car from a private seller. Tim did not know the seller had an unpaid loan balance that the car was security for. The seller stopped paying their loan and the lender repossessed Tim’s car. Tim complained to us because he wanted his car back. We could not investigate because Tim had not received a financial service from the lender.