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We cannot investigate because it is not your loan

Tim purchased a car from a private seller. Tim did not know the seller had an unpaid loan balance that the car was security for. The seller stopped paying their loan and the lender repossessed Tim’s car. Tim complained to us because he wanted his car back. We could not investigate because Tim had not received a financial service from the lender.

Lack of licence leads to loss

One of Jacob’s employees lied to him about obtaining a licence to drive trucks. When the employee crashed a company truck a few months later, Jacob’s insurance claim was declined because the insurer found the company had failed to ensure the employee was suitably licensed.

Car servicing oversight

What happens if your insurer declines your claim under a mechanical breakdown policy because you have not met the policy’s servicing conditions?

In need of a valuation

Mataio’s car has been over insured for the past 3 years, and Mataio has been paying more than he needed to in premiums. Was it his insurance adviser’s responsibility to contact Mataio and prompt him to have his car revalued?

Test drive theft

A vehicle is stolen during a test drive, and the insurer declines the claim