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Should my lender known of my cash withdrawals?

Amani and Akeem said that their car loans were unaffordable because the lender had not accounted for their weekly $300 cash withdrawals that were put towards Amani’s parents’ mortgage.

Residual debt unaffordable

When Jason and Maggie could not afford their loan repayments they surrendered their car to be sold, reducing their debt from $30,000 to $24,000.

What does board cover?

Jade’s adult sons’ board payments were included in her income assessment when she applied for a car loan. Should the lender have also included her sons’ food expenses in her affordability assessment?

Food costs underestimated

Mikaere repeatedly defaulted on his weekly car loan repayments. Had the lender underestimated his weekly expenses?

Residual debt issue

Heremoana paid $45,000 for a car that his financial mentor said was realistically worth $33,000 raising a concern that if it was repossessed and sold Heremoana would be left with a considerable residual debt

Sorry just isn’t enough

Rebecca received court papers for a debt from an old car loan. Because the debt was more than six years old, under the law the lender should not have tried to recover it. The lender withdrew its court claim and apologised to Rebecca, but she still wasn’t happy.