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Sorry just isn’t enough

Rebecca received court papers for a debt from an old car loan. Because the debt was more than six years old, under the law the lender should not have tried to recover it. The lender withdrew its court claim and apologised to Rebecca, but she still wasn’t happy.

A lender miscalculates income

A lender miscalculated Prisha’s income, believing all the money paid into Prisha’s account belonged to her, not realising that Prisha received income on behalf of others that she withdrew in cash

Assessment failure meant loan repayments were unaffordable

Jung-min couldn’t keep up with the repayments on his car loan. The lender suggested this was because his circumstances had changed after he took out the loan. We found the lender had failed to make reasonable inquiries about Jung-min’s wages and how many people he was supporting with his income when approving the loan.

That’s not my money to spend

A lender lent to Maurice based on the money she was receiving into her account. However, much of this income wasn’t hers to begin with and shouldn’t have been included in the assessment.

Loan term confusion 

Richard was confused about why he still owed money on his loan. He thought the loan term had already ended, but the loan had been extended because of payment holidays.