Sold for parts

Mei’s lender did not fulfil their duty to sell Mei’s car for the best price reasonably obtainable.

Delay collecting new car

Melanie was keen to collect her car as soon as it was ready, and re-arranged her commitments only to discover the car dealership was not ready to release the vehicle.

If something’s unclear, ask your borrower about it.

Jacinta had recently moved out of a rental property and into her mother’s house when she took out a car loan. The lender assessed Jacinta’s ability to repay the loan which included the $50 Jacinta was paying in board. The lender didn’t ask Jacinta how long she’d be boarding for – did they need to?

Struggling to make ends meet

Complaint that Rangi’s car loan was not affordable and that he did not understand add-on repayment waivers he had purchased.

Should my lender known of my cash withdrawals?

Amani and Akeem said that their car loans were unaffordable because the lender had not accounted for their weekly $300 cash withdrawals that were put towards Amani’s parents’ mortgage.