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Give me my money back, I borrowed it!

Pierre withdrew $12,000 from his trading account. After a few days he hadn’t received it, so he told the trading platform it was borrowed money that he urgently needed to repay. The platform closed his trading account immediately

Stop-loss stops trade

A trading platform automatically closed Tāne’s trade when the price spiked downwards. Tāne couldn’t see the price dip reflected in any trading data, so didn’t think the trade should have been closed.

Buyer’s remorse

What happens if you change your mind about borrowing money to buy a car? Can you reverse the transaction at no cost?

Chargeback fraud results in loss of profits

Jacque used his credit card to deposit margin into his trading account and placed several successful trades. Jacque then attempted to chargeback his deposits claiming they had been paid in error, and also sought to have his profits released to him.

‘FSCL foils felonious filch’

A company’s forex accounts were seized by its transactional service provider (TSP) to pay for the TSP’s own debts. The company considers the actions to be theft but the TSP says it is permitted to take the company’s funds due to changes to its account terms and conditions. Does the amended contract apply to the company, and can the TSP take the funds?