Chargeback fraud results in loss of profits

Jacque used his credit card to deposit margin into his trading account and placed several successful trades. Jacque then attempted to chargeback his deposits claiming they had been paid in error, and also sought to have his profits released to him.

‘FSCL foils felonious filch’

A company’s forex accounts were seized by its transactional service provider (TSP) to pay for the TSP’s own debts. The company considers the actions to be theft but the TSP says it is permitted to take the company’s funds due to changes to its account terms and conditions. Does the amended contract apply to the company, and can the TSP take the funds?

Fluctuation frustration

Greg’s forex bet didn’t pay off – but did the trading platform have the right to liquidate his position?

A trading platform error

Patricia complains that Trade Currencies Limited incorrectly withheld $178,200 USD profits earned using Trade Currencies’ trading platform.

All profits lost when forex account terminated

Gordon deposited money into a foreign exchange trading platform. He made a good profit. However, his account was suddenly terminated and Gordon was told that he could not receive his profits.