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Mobile trading mishap

Jude is approached by a truck shop and makes a purchase. Jude’s financial mentor thinks the truck shop’s practices are unethical.

Swanky car hits a snag

Yan was comfortably earning a high income, and decided to borrow $40,000 to purchase a luxury car from a dealer. A few months later, his 6-month contract ended and he struggled to secure further income to support his loan repayments.

Repossession and recovery

When Julie’s car is suddenly repossessed, she complains the lender calculated the arrears on her loan account incorrectly.

Spiralling debt not responsible lending

What happens when a borrower withholds information about their financial situation but the lender also fails to properly assess affordability on the information that is available?

The importance of plain language

What happens if your lender keeps an authority you gave them to access your bank account records when you applied for the loan, and asks your bank for information about you as part of a hardship application.

No job and a spiralling loan

Mai had almost finished repaying her $520 loan when she lost her job. Mai’s debt spiralled to $880. Was the lender’s hardship process fair?