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Car crash crisis

What happens when a driver under 25 years of age excluded from policy causes an accident?

I won’t be rolled over!

Callum thinks his insurance cover is rolled over from his employer’s insurance scheme into his own name. When the cover is not rolled over, FSCL investigates whether Callum’s broker is at fault.

‘Professional indemnity pulled’

Dylan’s insurer decided it would no longer provide him with professional indemnity insurance after he had made 16 notifications over the last 9 years. Dylan felt that his insurance broker should have done more for him to retain his insurance with his previous insurer. Can Dylan’s insurer decide not to offer terms at renewal?

“I didn’t pay for my insurance but I need to make a claim”

Ken had home and contents insurance placed through a broker. Months later, the broker sent Ken a notice saying the policy had been cancelled for non-payment of insurance. Ken was then burgled. He believed the insurer had failed to give him reasonable notice that his policy had lapsed, and the broker had not given him good enough service. Was Ken correct?

On shaky ground

Chris’s insurance broker forgot to send him a copy of the policy, so he didn’t find out about the high excess until it was too late – but could Chris have done any better with another insurer?

‘Paul’s indemnity period pickle’

A small business owner thought he had 24 months of business interruption cover in place. Following a flood, Paul’s business was unable to trade and the business premises needed repairs. Paul then discovered he only had 12 months of BI cover in place and was going to suffer a loss because the building repairs were going to take longer than 12 months.