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Where did my insurance go?

What happens if you think you’ve arranged insurance for a new car, but your insurer thought the insurance related to an old car?

Who pays when Chitty Chitty goes Bang Bang

Jo had mechanical insurance for his Ford Falcon. One day, his radiator blew up and he took it into the garage to have it fixed. The garage checked the Ford Falcon and recommended that the car have a transmission flush. The insurer declined to pay Jo for the transmission flush.

Fast and Spurious

Jax bought a motorcycle but did not tell his insurers that he did not have a motorbike licence. The motorbike was stolen from his garage. The insurer declined to compensate Jax for his loss.

Insurance lapses – who is responsible?

An insured is unaware his policy has lapsed because his insurance broker sent the renewal reminder to an incorrect email address leading to loss after the motorbikes are stolen.

Finance company assumes customer’s identity

A finance company signed a settlement agreement with an insurer purporting to be the insured. The insured, who owed money to the finance company for his damaged vehicle, was denied the opportunity to dispute the insurer’s valuation of his loss. Is this fair?

Fault finding

Julius says the accident wasn’t his fault – doesn’t the insurer have to accept his word, and fight his corner?

Lost on loss: It was stolen so why won’t my insurer pay?

Adam gave the cylinder head for his vintage Chrysler to his friend to deliver to a mechanic. However, the cylinder head was stolen before it reached the mechanic. Did Adam’s motor vehicle insurance policy cover his stolen cylinder head?