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Car insurance comes crashing down

Raelene’s ex-husband cancels his car insurance policy for her car. Raelene was not notified by the insurer that the policy had been cancelled and damaged the car in an accident. Was the insurer obliged to notify Raelene of the cancellation?

“At least I have lease cover, right?”

Marge contacted her broker to ask whether she had cover to lease a truck when her truck was written off after an accident. The broker told Marge she had lease cover, however it later transpired she had no lease cover.

Learner driver insurance lesson

Did an insurance broker lead a client to believe a policy would cover employees driving in breach of learner and restricted licence provisions?

A suspended claim

After a holiday, Sarah is tired and asks her partner to drive her car home from the airport. On the way home another car drives into them causing damage to Sarah’s car. Sarah claims for the repair costs from her insurer, however, her insurer declines the claim because, unbeknown to Sarah, her partner is a suspended driver. Sarah asked us to review her insurer’s decision to decline the claim.

A steep ‘learner’s’ curve

Ratan was involved in a motorbike accident and then discovered his insurer would not pay the costs of repair, because he only had a learner’s motorbike licence.

When a battery may not be a battery.

Nina says she was told by a sales agent and her insurance company’s call centre that her vehicle insurance would cover her hybrid vehicle battery. Her insurance company did not agree there had been a misrepresentation and declined her claim under an exclusion clause excluding cover for batteries.