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Doing the right thing

Kaia could not afford to repay her loan, so her lender took a compassionate approach.

We had an agreement!

Nikau’s lender did not tell Nikau the loan amount he could expect to receive before he signed the loan agreement.

I can’t afford it!

Bruce took out a car loan to buy a new car, but he couldn’t afford his weekly repayments. He gave the car back to the lender, who sold it, but there was still a large loan balance for Bruce to pay back. Had the lender acted appropriately?

Generous offer

Prisha complained that her loan was not affordable. The lender made a generous offer to reduce the loan balance and not charge any more fees and interest on the remaining debt.

Where are the affordability assessment documents?

Fang took out a loan and then a subsequent top-up from a lender. When we investigated whether the loans were affordable, there were issues with the reliability of the affordability assessment documents.