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I can’t afford it!

Bruce took out a car loan to buy a new car, but he couldn’t afford his weekly repayments. He gave the car back to the lender, who sold it, but there was still a large loan balance for Bruce to pay back. Had the lender acted appropriately?

Generous offer

Prisha complained that her loan was not affordable. The lender made a generous offer to reduce the loan balance and not charge any more fees and interest on the remaining debt.

Where are the affordability assessment documents?

Fang took out a loan and then a subsequent top-up from a lender. When we investigated whether the loans were affordable, there were issues with the reliability of the affordability assessment documents.

Update my credit record

Nicholas’ debt was sold by his lender to a debt collection agency. Nicholas would not enter a repayment schedule with the debt collection agency until the default was removed from his credit record.

I should have had asbestos cover 

Melissa held insurance for her property maintenance business arranged by an insurance adviser. When she needed to make a claim due to asbestos-related work, should she have been covered?