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Won’t you reconsider?

The lender declined Breanna’s application for unforeseen financial hardship because they did not consider her change in circumstances to be unforeseeable.

Doing the right thing

Kaia could not afford to repay her loan, so her lender took a compassionate approach.

We had an agreement!

Nikau’s lender did not tell Nikau the loan amount he could expect to receive before he signed the loan agreement.

I can’t afford it!

Bruce took out a car loan to buy a new car, but he couldn’t afford his weekly repayments. He gave the car back to the lender, who sold it, but there was still a large loan balance for Bruce to pay back. Had the lender acted appropriately?

Generous offer

Prisha complained that her loan was not affordable. The lender made a generous offer to reduce the loan balance and not charge any more fees and interest on the remaining debt.