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Release the hold

Ryan sent his card issuer the information they required to release the hold over his funds, but the card issuer did not release the hold.

The vanishing $1000

Kelly’s money went missing while transferring it between her bank and her travel card. No one can tell Kelly what has happened to her money.

Unauthorised transactions

Declan noticed some unauthorised transactions on his travel card. The transactions had occurred about two years earlier. Was the card provider obliged to reimburse Declan for the unauthorised transactions?

Attack of the ATM

Rufus’s travel card was swallowed by an ATM machine. The bank told Rufus his card would be destroyed. To his horror, Rufus discovered his card was somehow stolen and money emptied from his account. Can Rufus get his money back?

Paying fees for no service

Bradley tried to use his travel card overseas but could not access his money. Bradley complained that he was charged various fees but was not provided with any service. Can Bradley get his money back?