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I’m in Hong Kong so why am I paying in yen?

When Tom pays for dinner in Hong Kong using his travel card, payment is drawn from his yen balance, not his Hong Kong dollar balance. Was there an error in the travel card provider’s systems?

The fraudulent marauder

Claire was making an ATM withdrawal in India when she was interrupted half way through the process. A number of days later Claire realised some money had been taken out of her account. As she had not let anyone see her PIN or lost sight of the card, Claire was confused how this could have occurred. Should Claire’s travel card provider reimburse her?

The exchange rate you see isn’t the exchange rate you get

Abbey used a foreign currency travel card for her trip to Australia. When she changed NZD $2,000 into AUD, she received several hundred fewer AUD than she was expecting. She complained the exchange rate offered was not the exchange rate she received.

Share your card and PIN at your own risk

Anatoly uses his travel card to transfer funds to his relative Mila in the Ukraine, who uses the second card attached to the account to withdraw the funds. After fraudulent transactions of $480 appear on the account, we investigate whether the card provider needs to credit Anatoly’s account.

Two cards stolen in two days

What happens if you notice your wallet is stolen, but forget your card is in the wallet and delay notifying the card provider for 24 hours? Are you liable for the unauthorised transactions?

“Exchanging shots about currency exchange”

Tina used a Travel Card to transfer currency for her overseas trip. She later discovered the transfer had not gone into her desired currency. When she subsequently made the transfer to her desired currency, she lost a considerable sum of money as a result of exchange rates. Can she recoup this from the travel card provider?