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Dental denied

During a flight home, Raelene broke her tooth while eating her inflight meal. Raelene visited her usual dentist in New Zealand and the dentist was able to fix her tooth for $150. Raelene submitted a claim under her comprehensive travel insurance policy. She was surprised when the claim was declined as she thought by purchasing a comprehensive policy she had full cover for any event that might happen to her while overseas.

To disappointment and back again

Russell and Sara purchased one way tickets to Australia. Only a few days into the trip Sara’s mother sadly passed away. They returned to New Zealand and claimed under their insurance policy’s resumption of travel benefit. However, because Russell and Sara tickets were one way, their insurance company declined their claim. Was the insurance company entitled to decline the claim?

Slack security

Card lost while overseas, fraudulent withdrawals made with the correct PIN

Different exchange rates applicable for different methods to load a travel card

Duane was going overseas for a holiday and had organised a travel card to manage his money. When Duane loaded his money onto his card he discovered that the exchange rates used to convert his NZD were different (and less favourable) than the exchange rates advertised on the travel card’s website. The travel card company said that the exchange rates advertised on the website were not the applicable exchange rates for the method Duane used to load money onto the travel card.

Money mix-up

Money loaded onto travel card automatically loads in the pre-selected default currency. To transfer to another currency option attracts high exchange rates, causing losses.

Card Wars: Attack of the Clones

Julian loaded money onto a travel card. Later he checked his account online and noticed money had been withdrawn from his account at an ATM in the US. However, Julian was in New Zealand at the time of the withdrawals. Julian complained that he had been a victim of fraud.

An SOS at the ATM

Macy is going to Europe. She buys a Global Cash Card from Go Travel which can be used to make purchases in multiple currencies. The first time she uses it, she enters the incorrect PIN and the card is locked for the remainder of her trip, despite her calls and emails to Go Travel.